Relief for Human Suffering Foundation

Restoring the Gift of Sight.

Worldwide, at least 2.2 billion people have a visual impairment–almost half of which could have been prevented or remain unaddressed. A large proportion of those affected are in developing countries and remain blind because of a lack of access to affordable care. Blindness leads not only to reduced economic and social suffering, but may also result in premature death.

We are on a mission to change that! In a world built on the ability to see, vision, the most dominant of our senses, is vital at every turn of our lives. Our work with trusted local partners helps restore the gift of sight to impoverished people in developing countries.

Relief for Human Suffering founder, Benson Fayehun with people on site in Africa. Donate Now.

We work to reduce suffering from preventable blindness.

The Relief for Human Suffering Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to restore the gift of sight and reduce the suffering caused by easily treatable medical conditions in developing countries.

Person with cataracts in Africa. Relief for Human Suffering. Donate Now.

What are visual impairments?

Visual impairment, also known as vision impairment or vision loss, is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems.

Person after cataract surgery in Africa. Relief for Human Suffering. Donate Now.

What are cataracts?

Cataracts are caused by a build-up of protein that clouds the eye’s lens, which can lead to blurred vision and eventual blindness.

Person being tested for refractive errors in Africa. Relief for Human Suffering. Donate Now.

What are refractive errors?

Refractive errors are eye disorders caused by eye shape irregularity. This makes it difficult for the eyes to focus on images.

Join us to make an impact!
Let’s end the suffering caused by easily treatable visual impairments and medical conditions for people in developing countries, one person at a time!

Our Partners & Validations

We work with carefully-selected local NGOs and organizations to provide relief and when possible, put recipients on a path to self-reliance.


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