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Help Make a Difference in the Lives affected by Cataracts

Children like Dorothee don’t have to suffer lifelong sight loss.

Restore the Gift of Sight this Giving Season

Dorothee was born with cataracts in both of her eyes and remained blind until she was seven years old, with no hope of a future without cataracts. 

She was missing out in life with no plan for school and already experiencing isolation and bullying. Her parents wanted the world for Dorothee but were crippled by poverty and lack of resources to get the needed help. They lived in a village several hours away from the capital city of Yaounde, Cameroon with no access to most modern help.

Did you know that according to WHO, close to 20% of childhood blindness is caused by cataracts?

Most people get cataracts as they grow older. But kids like Dorothee are born with them and need surgery to save their sight. If they don’t get help fast, they could lose their vision forever, which affects how their minds and eyes learn and connect.

Thanks to kind supporters like you, everything changed for Dorothee and her parents. After a lifetime of darkness, their world brightened when they met our local team in Douala. 

Dorothee underwent the crucial double surgery, removing the cataracts from both of her eyes and restoring her vision. Your generosity made this transformation possible.

Across Africa, estimated 27,000,000 suffer from moderate or severe visual impairment and 6,000,000 blind. At Relief for Human Suffering Foundation (R4HSF), we are on a mission to change that! Since our founding in 2021 and thanks to generous supporters like you, we have devoted 100% of public donations to the cause and provided free routine eye screenings, eye surgeries or prescription lenses to almost 15,000 individuals across three countries on the continent. 
But there is so much more to do and we cannot do it alone. We need help from good people everywhere to enable a world of opportunity for more children, woman and men like Dorothee through a simple gift of sight. Wouldn’t you help make a difference in the lives of more children, women and adults affected by cataracts this giving season?

100% of public donations have been dedicated to the cause since our founding in 2021 (with private donors/members funding our very low administrative and marketing costs).