Relief for Human Suffering Foundation

Illuminating Hope: Together Against Preventable Blindness in Africa and Beyond

Visual impairment robs individuals of the ability to see their surroundings, their  loved ones, and even their own reflection. This loss affects their work, their play,  and their cherished memories, as our world is profoundly shaped by what we see.  Shockingly, 15.3% of the world’s blind population resides in Africa, with 26.3  million people in the African Region facing some form of visual impairment. This  includes 20.4 million with low vision and 5.9 million estimated to be blind.

The Unseen Crisis: 

Yet, the issue extends far beyond the borders of Africa. Globally, an estimated 2.2  billion people grapple with visual impairment, with nearly half of them residing in  developing countries. What’s even more alarming is that close to 90% of these  cases are addressable and preventable. However, the shadow of poverty keeps  countless individuals from accessing the necessary care. 

The Impact on Quality of Life: 

Unfortunately, many people in developing countries, particularly in Africa, don’t  undergo routine eye examinations or take preventive measures. Some fall victim to  unqualified practitioners, making their situations worse and costing them more  money and suffering. The consequences of vision impairment ripple through  various facets of life, affecting individual development, social interactions, the  global economy, and overall quality of life. 

Breaking the Chains of Blindness and Poverty:

 At the Relief for Human Suffering Foundation, our mission is to restore the gift of  sight and relieve suffering associated with easily treatable diseases in developing  countries. We firmly believe that, collectively, we can change millions of lives and  sever the connection between poverty and preventable blindness. Our approach  involves working with trusted local partners to provide access to quality eye care.  Our vision is a world where a person’s ability to enjoy the gift of sight is no longer  dependent on the location of their birth. 

Tangible Impact: 

Our impact is tangible, and the numbers reflect our commitment. Since 2021, we 

have conducted 13,748 routine eye screenings, performed 719 cataract surgeries,  corrected 5,543 refractive errors, and reached 111 communities across three  countries in Africa. These figures represent lives transformed, futures brightened,  and the precious gift of sight restored. 

Get Involved – Your Action Matters: 

The fight against preventable blindness is ongoing, and we need your support to  continue our mission and help more individuals in need. Here’s how you can make  a difference: 

1. Donate: Your contributions can truly change lives. By donating to the Relief for  Human Suffering Foundation, you directly support logistics, surgeries, and  outreach efforts. Every dollar counts. 

2. Learn More: Explore our website to gain a deeper understanding of our work,  our dedicated team, and the impact we create. Spreading the word and garnering  support starts with understanding our mission. 

3. Volunteer: We welcome passionate volunteers, whether you’re a medical  professional or someone driven to make a difference. Your time and skills are  invaluable in our mission. 

Join Us in the Battle for a Brighter Future: 

Together, we can ensure that economic circumstances do not determine one’s  chance at a brighter future. Make a difference today by visiting our website to take  action and become a part of the change. Let’s bring light to those living in darkness and create a world where everyone can see a brighter future. Your support is pivotal. Together, we can make a lasting difference.