Relief for Human Suffering Foundation

Our Impact

At the Relief for Human Suffering Foundation, we are on a mission to to restore the gift of sight and reduce the suffering caused by easily treatable medical conditions in developing countries. 

In 2022, thanks to your help, we were able to impact many people’s lives. From free routine eye screenings to cataract surgeries, you all helped us give the gift of sight.

Did you know that cataracts and refractive errors account for the majority of the 2.2 billion visual impairments globally?

In 2023, we’re aiming to make more of an impact than before. We’re striving to impact over 10,000 people. Help us achieve our goal by getting involved!

Image of children in Nigeria impacted by the Relief for Human Suffering Foundation in Africa.

Our numbers in 2022:

Routine eye screenings provided
Cataract surgeries performed
Refractive error corrections

Be apart of the change. Help us impact over 10,000 people by the end of 2023 by getting involved today!

Learn About Our Impact In Developing Countries

More than 1.0 billion people in developing countries suffer from visual impairment over 70% of which are preventable or treatable but are not because of poverty. We are on a mission to change that!

We seek to establish partnerships with carefully selected local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to restore eyesight,  deliver relief to the needy, and where feasible, connect recipients with resources to help put them on a path to self-reliance. 

Thanks to the generous donation from our founder, our very first relief mission took place in Africa within 6 months of our incorporation where we partnered with a local hospital to restore eyesight to hundreds of deserving people.

Over the next decade, we will expand our outreach to several other developing countries in Africa and other parts of the world.

Join us to make an impact!
Let’s end the suffering caused by easily treatable visual impairments and medical conditions for people in developing countries, one person at a time!