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Sidikatu, Female 80yo

At 80 years, struggling with blindness in the right eye over the last 3 years hasn’t been a walk in the park for Sidikatu. With the help from R4HS foundation and our partners, she can now live the rest of her life enjoying her old age

Reverend Francis, Male 61yo

Francis life as a 61 yo preacher, became restricted when he got diagnosed with cataract in the right eye 6 months ago. He considered the surgery to restore his sight God sent and thanks the sponsors for what he described as life changing opportunity

Mr Oyediran

Mr Oyediran was an optician with Eye Foundation Hospital in Nigeria. He led the outreach team to conduct basic eye examinations, and says the relief provided by R4HS and his hospital is a welcomed one given the high unmet need in the country.


Ayo was blind in his left eye from cataract, leaving him reliant on his family for the last year. Thanks to an operation, he can now support his wife and 2 children

Alaba, Female 65yo

Having been identified as a qualified candidate for our free cataract surgery, 65 year old widow, Alaba joyously awaits her turn with the doctors and was equally joyful to regain her sight after the surgery

Adeeko, Male 47yo

As a young 47 years old married man with 4 little children, the last thing on Adeeko’s mind was having to struggle with the ability to see. With the free cataract surgery from R4HS and our partners, he can now see a brighter future fit himself and his family