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The Gift Of Sight

Relief for Human Suffering Foundation Restoring The Gift of Sight To Impoverished Individuals in Africa

Within Two Years, More Than 5,550 People in Africa Touched By Donors and Supporters’ Generosity, from Routine Eye Examination To Cataract Surgeries And Prescription Glasses 

We’re moving into the second half of 2022, and the nonprofit organization, Relief for Human Suffering Foundation, has continued to leave its mark on communities in Africa, with its outreach now extending beyond Nigeria to the neighboring country of Cameroon.

As part of its mission, Relief for Human Suffering Foundation works to restore the gift of sight and reduce the suffering caused by easily treatable medical conditions in developing countries. For the second year in a row, the organization traveled to Africa to pursue its mission of making a difference.

Relief for Human Suffering Foundation Founder and President Benson Fayehun returned from the annual mission trip in early July ecstatic with thoughts about the program’s success and potential ideas for the future.

“Our goal is to restore the gift of sight to 6,000 people living in Africa by the end of 2022. With the outreach in June alone, we are close to 30% of that goal, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with our trusted partners on the ground and personally witness the impact of the support from our kind supporters and donors. It was truly life-changing, to say the least,” said Fayehun.

As part of the summer 2022 outreach, Relief for Human Suffering Foundation expanded its collaboration with Eye Foundation Community Hospital in Nigeria. This partnership was initiated in 2021 when it launched its first-ever mission trip to the continent.

“Cataract is a significant cause of blindness and visual impairment worldwide. According to World Health Organisation, cataracts affect approximately 65.2 million people and cause moderate to severe vision loss in more than 80% of cases. The number of people with cataracts will continue to increase as the age and life expectancy continue to increase. Blindness from cataracts is reversible, but access to eye care and resources are highly limited in developing communities,” said Eye Foundation Community Hospital Medical Director Dr. Ayo Akinye.

“Over the last few years, Eye Foundation Community Hospital has been helping reduce the burden of cataract blindness in some of these communities and has built partnerships with numerous organizations – resulting in thousands of cataract surgeries to be done. One of such strong and vibrant organizations is Relief for Human  Suffering Foundation. The synergy between these two organizations has resulted in hundreds of cataract surgeries being carried out with high-quality outcomes. This is a work in progress as more needs to be done to restore sight to those who are needlessly blind in the communities,” Dr. Akinye continued.

For the first time, Relief for Human Suffering Foundation expanded its efforts into the neighboring country of Cameroon, where during the week-long trip, the nonprofit worked alongside recent CNN Heroes Award Winner Dr. Georges Bwelle and his nonprofit organization, ASCOVIME, to provide nearly 50 cataract surgeries for those in need.

Thanks to kind volunteers, supporters, and donors from the United States and around the world, Relief for Human Suffering Foundation will positively impact the lives of more than 6,000 impoverished people in 2022. Since its founding in 2021, the organization has provided free routine eye screenings to more than 5,550 individuals, restoring sight to more than 2,600 impoverished individuals.

“Our organization is passionate about building a world where a person’s ability to enjoy the gift of sight is not dependent on the location of their birth or the color of their skin. We think, as a nation and people that have been blessed with so much, it is only our privilege to do our parts in helping another, so together, we can make the world a better place for all. That is why we do what we do, and that is why we are so grateful to our donors, supporters, and partners,” Fayehun concluded.

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About Relief for Human Suffering Foundation

Relief for Human Suffering Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization with a mission to restore eyesight and relieve human suffering in developing countries in Africa & other parts of the world. Relief for Human Suffering Foundation is obsessed with creating a world where a person’s ability to see is not dependent on where they live or the location of their birth. The organization partners with trusted organizations with similar missions in addition to logistics and medical expertise to deliver care to people in need. Where feasible, the organization connects beneficiaries with resources to help put them on a path of self-reliance. As a volunteer-run organization, 100% of public funding goes into the organization’s cause directly. Through the public’s assistance, Relief for Human Suffering Foundation can provide prescription eyewear to one person for as little as $20 and enable cataract surgery for as little as $80.

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