Relief for Human Suffering Foundation

Our Team

We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers and supporters for their talent, treasure and time! They are the reason we are able to devote 90-100% of public donations to support our mission.


Akin Fayehun–Relief for Human Suffering Foundation. Donate Today.

Akin Fayehun

Brand & Digital Ambassador, Lagos, Nigeria

Akin is one of our audio/visual volunteers on the ground in Nigeria. He was responsible for capturing all the photography/ video clips during our first relief mission to Africa in 2021 and remains committed to assisting with future missions. Professionally, Akins has over 20 years of experience in analog and digital photography. He is also an administrator with versatile skills in product marketing and branding.

 Akin’s Why: “I love volunteering and I believe that the work R4HS Foundation is doing to address preventable blindness is important for achieving the global sustainable development goals, especially in Africa.”

Crystal Fountain–Relief for Human Suffering Foundation. Donate Today.

Crystal Fountain

Media & Community Relations Manager, Philadelphia, PA

Crystal is responsible for extending organizational brand awareness through public relations, community engagement, social media, and sponsorships and events. Professionally, Crystal’s experience is in marketing communication within the finance and sports industries.


Crystal’s Why: “I volunteer at R4HSF because there are people in the world who are unable to receive basic needs due to inequities and limited resources. As a human, it is my responsibility to ensure I advocate for people whose voices are deserving of amplification. R4HSF’s mission is exemplified in the qualities of all its volunteers and board members who all share the same common thread: wanting to make an authentic difference in the world.”

Jacob Robertson–Relief for Human Suffering Foundation. Donate Today.

Jacob Robertson

Advertising & Website Manager, Lansing, MI

Jacob is responsible for the digital marketing coordination. He works with our Google Ads account and optimizes the account to gain website traffic and push donations. Jacob is also responsible for updating our website to help increase awareness for our cause.

Jacob’s Why: “I volunteer at R4HS for a handful of reasons. People are born into this world systemically disadvantaged, which is completely unfair, and the responsibility for helping these people lies on the more fortunate. While one individual cannot change the world, they can still pitch in and help make a difference. It is meaningful to me that I can utilize skills that I have learned in school and professionally to help raise donations and build awareness of our cause. Not only does volunteering with R4HS help develop my skills as a professional marketer, but it also helps thousands of individuals who are suffering in developing countries.”

Annelie Roux–Relief for Human Suffering Foundation. Donate Today.

Annelie Roux

Brand Ambassador, Cyprus

Annelie runs a weekly room on Clubhouse (Support for Africa) where she routinely generates awareness about the foundation. She is a super people connector who is committed to helping to forge strategic alliances that can help progress the mission of the foundation


Annelie’s Why:  “I volunteer for the R4HS Foundation to express appreciation for my life, health, and prosperity. I do not understand why some suffer so much, but I believe it is our duty, as members of the human family, to relieve the suffering of those who are less fortunate. I love volunteering for R4HS because it is led by individuals of integrity, capability and action.”

Rui Babilonia–Relief for Human Suffering Foundation. Donate Today.

Rui Babilonia

Nonprofit Blogger, Pittsburgh, PA

Rui was one of our volunteers in 2022 where she played an important role in helping with our blog, website copy, and assisting our founder to write a booklet on his corporate experiences as a way to help generate awareness for the cause. She was a recipient of the prestegious Presidential Services Volunteer Award as a result of her contributions throughout the year. 

Rui‘s Why: “I want to make a positive social impact by contributing meaningful content to shine a light on the darkness endured by many less fortunate individuals around the world. I will use the skills I gained while completing my Ph.D. in research health psychology to educate like-minded helpers and share stories of how human suffering can be easily reduced one at a time. When one member of humanity suffers, we collectively live in agony consciously and unconsciously.

Human suffering often lives in the space of, out of sight, out of mind, but we are all connected regardless of how far removed we are from each other. I am confident that most, if not everyone, has at one time or another looked upon the world through tearful eyes and an aching heart, wondering why helpful care is nowhere to be found. I have had these moments. I want to be the helpful, compassionate, and caring person I seek to find. I want to help cultivate and grow the humanity we so often believe to only live in storybooks.”

Keji Omotoso–Relief for Human Suffering Foundation. Donate Today.

Morenikeji Omotoso

Program Manager, Las Vegas, NV

Morenikeji was responsible for managing and coordinating various projects and strategic initiatives across the R4HS Foundation’s network in 2022. Professionally, Morenikeji’s experience is in project management, corporate social responsibility, and corporate communications within the finance and entertainment industries.

Morenikeji’s Why: “I volunteer at R4HSF because I believe in an equitable world where people can be the best versions of themselves. In the future, I hope to see humanity collectively create a new status quo where anyone can succeed. I don’t believe disability, gender, race, religion or socioeconomic status should create additional hardship for people who want access to a better life.”  

Sheena-Kay Sinclair–Relief for Human Suffering Foundation. Donate Today.

Sheena-Kay Sinclair

Executive Management Assistant, Kingston, Jamaica

Sheena served briefly in 2022 as Executive Management Assistant to our Founder/ President. Prior to that, she successfully hosted the official launch event for the charity in November 2021 and remains committed to assisting with hosting future fundraising and other events for the foundation


Sheena-Kay’s Why: “Sight is the most valued of the 5 senses and as an individual who is close to the blind community, witnessing first and second hand the challenges and dangers experienced by the blind on an almost daily basis, being a part of something this large and impactful was just right!”

Supporter (Major Donor)

Paul Brown–Relief for Human Suffering Foundation. Donate Today.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown, Chief Financial Officer, Greater Philadelphia, PA

Paul was awarded the very first R4HS Foundation Humanity Award in 2021 for his strong financial support of the cause. He remains a true friend of the foundation for which we are truly grateful!


Paul’s Why: “As a Christian I have always been struck by the compassion of Jesus Christ as he would stop along the way to heal the sick. I can imagine what a miracle it must have been for the blind to see; what joy, as his healing brought sight to the blind. We are fortunate to live in a moment when we don’t need a Savior to perform the miracle. I’m grateful that this organization Relief for Human Suffering is bringing these miracles to the lives of our brothers and sisters, God’s children, in Africa. I’m glad I came across this amazing organization, I am honored and humbled to be able to contribute to such a worthy and valuable cause.”